Gift note inspiration


Today is your day! Ready, set, blow.

I hope your day is filled with extra icing.

Pretty pumped you were born. Lets celebrate that.


It’s kind of annoying how talented you are.

Of course you did it! You’re ridiculously amazing. Well done!

Thumbs up emoji.


Remember to find joy in the journey.

We’re rooting for you! You got this.

Go fourth and own the crap out of it kid.


Seriously, thanks a bunch!

High fiving you right now. Wildly grateful. Thanks.

You’re the greatest! Fact: The greatest moments of my day most likely include you.


Pack your party pants and go adventuring!

Simple Minds said it best with “Don’t you forget about me.” Please tell me you’re picturing the Breakfast Club fist pump scene. Because I am.

Remember, when you start looking like your passport pic, it’s probably time to come home. Bon Voyage.


Welcome home. X

You bought a house! What are you? A proper grown up or something? Congratulations!

A new whare is just wonderful! I hope yours is filled with love and top quality wifi.


Here’s looking at you kid. Glad you’re here. Well done on your choice of parents too. Not bad.

Ola bambino! Welcome to our World. It’s much better with you in it.

A mini you! You make some good looking babies. Congratulations.


Celebrating you needs no reason. Consider this fan mail.

You’re kind of a big deal. Especially to me.
When I think about you it’s exactly like discovering a secret stash of candy. 


A+++. Would date again.

If we had to do it all again, I’d always swipe right for you.

I think I’ll just go ahead and keep loving you forever.


You two are adorbs. Congrats x

May your marriage be blessed with love, happiness, and similar tastes in Netflix series.

Love is all you need. And lovely little gifts. Guess you’ve got both. x


Heard you’re feeling average. That’s crappy. Hope this brightens your day a little.

Wishing you all the ice cream in the World. That always helps me.

Feeling under the weather? What does that even mean? Well, hope you’re right as rain soon. Again, what?


I hate all this. But I love you. Always around if you need me.

Hugs. Lots of them. All for you. I’m sorry.

Nothing can make up for this, but here’s a little something to remind you you’re surrounded by love.