We want you to shower small and wonderful things in beautiful little boxes all over the ones you love.
After tireless searches for post-able loot to honour birthdays, new bubbas, celebrations, appreciations, and sympathies, we realised you’ve pretty much got a greeting card or a full blown hamper to work with. ‘That just will not do’ we thought. We think all life’s little moments need some cheer, and we want to give you the means to do that in a customisable and affordable way.
So here in good ol’ Christchurch, New Zealand we quickly dreamed up the ‘little something’ approach to ensure no event goes un-celebrated. Born out of a need to post nice things, a desire for design, and an excuse to spend time with great friends, we are so proud of our wee gifty boxy love. Thanks for checking it out. Stay a while. Go fourth and gift with reckless abandon! Praise, congratulate, and acknowledge like there’s no tomorrow! Got a special request? Get in touch! Because, why not? We think happiness direct to your mailbox is life’s true joy.