Sticks & Stones
$30.00 NZD

Sticks & Stones

Sticks and stones aren't all about about bone breaking and name calling. These guys are far more friendly. Got an impossible to buy for someone celebrating a birthday or a milestone? This wee collection fits the bill. 

+ Daneson spirit infused toothpicks - Choose from No 16 Single Malt Scotch or No 22 Kentucky Bourbon - These American milled birch wood toothpicks are infused with No 16 Single Malt Scotch or No 22 Kentucky Bourbon. Stored in a glass canister and sealed with a cork, these guys are the ultimate "Holy! That's cool" gift for anyone who appreciates a fine drop. 
“Daneson has turned the humble toothpick into a thing of beauty, and a joy for the discerning palate.” - Mercedes-Benz Magazine

+ Whiskey Stones (set of 4) - for the whiskey lover who enjoys his dram cold, but not watered down (because, what's the point in that?). These sandstone gems will chill your drop, impart zero taste, and are easily rinsed off and used again. Just pop them in the freezer and use time and time again. They have an uncanny knack of staying super cool, like their owner. 

+ Cork Coasters - 2 cork coasters complete the collection. A lightweight and understated style making them practical and easily adaptable to any lounge, office, or poker table decor.