$45.00 NZD


This box breathes fresh scent and a colourful bloom into a new home, or a very loved one. Because there’s no place like it. 

This box includes:

+ 50ml Bondi Wash Mini Mist Spray - Have Sydney Peppermint & Rosemary scents filling your home or freshening your linens. It’s gentle enough to be sprayed directly on skin for a soft perfume too. 

+ Herb Scissors - Top quality stainless steel blades to happily snip away at your edible bloom or gather supplies from your herb garden.

+ Edible Flower Seeds - Calendula, Nasturtium, and Viola seed mix to bring a splash of colour to your garden or vege patch. Pick your bloom to garnish salads and desserts. We love the thought of a bunch of flowers that keeps on giving! 

100% Cotton Wash Cloth - This Bianca Lorenne knitted cloth is a dream kitchen sink side kick. Approx 27cm by 27cm.